Cannabis Education

Cannabis Education

Everything you need to know about cannabis – learn more about the plant with our how-to guides, product reviews, general cannabis knowledge and more

What are cannabis concentrates and how do you use them?

Cannabis concentrates offer higher potencies than any other product created from the plant

What are the differences between sativa, indica and hybrid strains

Cannabis strains are referred to as sativa, indica or hybrid and carry different effects

What is a landrace cannabis strain?

Landrace cannabis strains are the original genetics growers used to create hybrids in the 1970s

What can you do if you get too high?

Getting too high from cannabis is uncomfortable but you can make the feeling pass quickly

What are terpenes and why do they matter?

Cannabis terpenes are important to understanding a strain's tastes, aromas and effects

How to roll joints and blunts by hand

Rolling your own joints gives complete control over their size, shape and the strains you use

How to keep your cannabis products fresh

Storing cannabis products properly will keep them fresh for longer and maintain their quality

How to clean your cannabis accessories

Cleaning your cannabis accessories is simple but vital to maintaining their quality