How to clean your cannabis accessories

Cleaning your cannabis accessories is simple but vital to maintaining their quality

Pipes and bongs are fun, but if you don’t clean them they’ll quickly become gross to use.

Using a bong, pipe, bubbler or any other cannabis accessory can make the experience more enjoyable, but the more they get used, the dirtier they get. Cannabis leaves behind a grimy residue with a nasty taste that creates a harsher smoke. If left to build up, residue will make a piece completely unusable eventually. How do you fix this? Clean your accessories! 

Regularly cleaning your accessories will make your cannabis experiences better and is necessary to maintain their quality. Luckily, most cannabis accessories are easy to clean with little cost attached to doing so.

What do I need to be able to clean my accessories?

Most of the tools you will need to clean your accessories should be available around your home. One of the only things you’ll likely need to buy is a bottle of glass cleaner designed for pipes and bongs or a bottle of isopropyl alcohol. Both options typically cost around $10 to $15 and last for a few cleaning sessions. 

Beyond your cleaning solution, tools like a bottle brush or something else to scrape stuck-on residue, a small Tupperware container or sandwich bags are the only things you’ll need. Coarse salts such as rock salt or Epsom salt can also help with the cleaning process but aren’t a necessary item for cleaning. The last thing you’ll need is simply hot water and a bit of time.

How do I clean my glass accessories?

Now that you have all of the necessary tools to clean your accessories and some time dedicated to cleaning, you’re ready to prepare your pieces for cleaning. If you have a bong or bubbler, make sure to empty the water before you start and disassemble the various parts of the accessory. Cleaning a bong, downstem and bowl piece will be done separately from each other. 

With bong cleaner or even isopropyl alcohol, you can water down the cleaning solution a little bit to make it last longer. A roughly 75/25 mix of cleaning solution to how water will still clean your piece, but if it is extremely dirty, you might want to use a pure cleaning solution to wipe away the grime easier. Adding a coarse salt to the mix will also make the residue come off easier since it can attach to something separate from the accessory’s material.

You can simply submerge small accessory pieces in your cleaning solution if they fit inside a Tupperware container or sandwich bag. Let the accessory parts sit for 20 to 30 minutes before pulling them out and scraping any leftover residue. 

You may not have to scrape any residue off of your piece depending on how dirty it is. If it isn't too dirty, you can rinse it with hot water to remove any grime. If there is still residue remaining, use your bottle brush or scraping tool to remove it. 

Cleaning a bong or dab rig is a similar process to the smaller pieces attached to it. Fill the accessory with your cleaning solution and let it soak for a bit. Then, carefully shake it around and watch the grime rinse away. If your bong has a percolator built into it, that makes the process a touch more difficult, but you’ll use the same process and put more attention into the specific area. 

Once the parts of your accessories are fully clear of any grime or residue, there’s one last step to take. Cleaning solutions such as bong cleaner or isopropyl alcohol are chemicals and you do not want any of that leftover when you’re planning to use your accessory. Give every single piece a rinse with water until it washes through clearly to ensure every bit of the chemical is gone. 

What if my accessories are made of a material that isn’t glass?

Some bongs, pipes and other accessories use materials like silicone or acrylics. These are not always safe to use glass cleaner or isopropyl alcohol on, and if used on a piece that isn’t compatible with the cleaning solution, erodes the material. That will make your accessory unsafe to smoke from and eventually destroy it entirely. 

It’s vitally important to look into the cleaning solution you’re planning to use and see what materials it can safely clean. Some cleaning solutions are safe for silicone and acrylics, but if they aren’t, you might have to look for an alternative cleaner or scrub away with hot water, a bottle brush and a coarse salt. 

No matter how dirty your cannabis accessory gets, you can clean them to appear brand new. Taking time to care for and maintain your accessories isn't difficult but will make for a more enjoyable experience every time. 

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