Everything you need to know about using vapes

Vaporizers are a great alternative to smoking when you're consuming cannabis

Vaporizers are a great alternative to smoking cannabis that offer similar effects in a healthier format.

Vaporizing is quickly becoming a popular option for cannabis use as people become more health-conscious and want to avoid the harshness of smoking. On top of a cleaner feeling high, vaporizing cannabis gives a better range of tastes and aromas from the cannabis you’re consuming. 

There are many types of vaporizers available for different products and we’re here to walk you through them. 

What’s the difference between smoking and vaporizing cannabis?

The effects are felt almost instantly from both methods but vaporizing offers a clearer feeling than smoking does. Unlike smoking, vaporizing doesn’t burn and combust your cannabis. Vaporizers use lower temperatures than smoking and produce less tar and by-products from burning plant matter for a smoother hit on the throat. 

Vaporizing is technically more efficient than smoking too. While the high from vaporizing feels milder, there’s less waste involved than smoking, so you’re getting more out of your product. 

Vaporizing doesn’t quite pack the same punch as a joint or a bong, but you’re using the cannabinoids more effectively.

The flavour of cannabis is more prominent when vaping instead of smoking too. With fewer by-products inhaled than smoking, you get to taste more of the subtleties of your strain of choice and experience the full spectrum of terpene flavours. 

Should I vape dry herb, cartridges or other concentrates?

This is a matter of preference, but each option has different benefits. 

Vaporizing dry herb gives a vast range of options for strains and potency beyond what you’ll find from concentrates and other options. Concentrates and vape cartridges will have higher potencies, so you’ll find yourself high quicker than using dry herb. All of these varieties can be discrete and portable, so it comes down to which products you enjoy the taste, smell and strength levels of the most. 

Different types of vaporizers

Deciding which vaporizer to use will determine the amount of maintenance you’ll need to put into your device as well as the ways you’ll be using it. Most vaporizers are portable but there are some more high tech devices that require being plugged into a wall socket. 

We’ll walk you through the different types below. 

Stick batteries, disposables & handheld devices

If portability is important to you when choosing a vaporizer, stick batteries, disposable vapes, or any of the high tech handheld devices available are your best bet. There are some differences between each type that could influence your choice. 

Stick batteries are compatible with 510 threaded cartridges, or if it's a pod system like a PAX Era you’re restricted to pod cartridges. That means you won’t be able to use dry flower or concentrates, but there are hundreds of products available to match stick batteries and they’re great for people starting out. Some stick batteries won’t have different settings while others have varying heat settings for higher temperatures, pre-heat settings and other options. 

Disposables are a good option if you aren’t quite sure if you will enjoy vaping and want to test it out before investing in a full setup. They’re simple to use and typically don’t have any buttons or settings to figure out. The only catch with these is if the battery dies before you’ve used all of the oil in the vape, some of it will end up being wasted. Still, if you want an easy way to find out if you like vaporizing cannabis these are a great choice. 

High tech handheld devices offer more advanced customizability over stick batteries too. Depending on the device, you can use cartridges, dry flower, concentrates and even pick specific temperature settings to match your exact wants. They’re also typically much more durable than stick batteries and are a worthwhile investment if you enjoy this consumption method. 

Table top vaporizers & volcanoes

If you aren't tied to having a portable vape to take on the go, a device you plug into the wall can offer an even better experience. Some devices will have a whip-styled tube that attaches to the device with a mouthpiece to inhale. These usually have complete customization available for the temperatures you want to vape at for different effects. 

Volcanoes are another similar option with a slightly different way of consuming cannabis from them. They will have bags that attach to the base and vaporize the cannabis with the vapour filling the bag. These devices can give strong effects quickly and are a great choice for having friends over for a vaping session. 

The type of vaporizer you choose to use comes down to preference, but each device has pros and cons. If you want to avoid the harshness of smoking, vaporizing is one of the best options you have available. 

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